” Introvert Finns? We? Anything but. “

Back in the old days – like the 70s – international relations were created face to face. By meeting people in person. Not by instant messaging, not by hands-free phone calls (if a call was needed, it had to be pre-ordered), but by creating personal relationships with other people.

At that time, if you wanted to talk to a Russian, you had to open a dictionary and go with a flow. To do it “When in Rome do as the Romans do” kinda way, you know.

When we met people, we hit straight to the point without tiptoeing around. Trust was built, a business deal was sealed, and new relationships were born. The relationships evolved into a global network, and we became the bold pioneers in international trade.

Innovativeness and courage, risk appetite and a broad-minded way of thinking – that´s what it took back then. And still does. That is where we can help you.

People. The real deal behind the growth. Always.

For us, the challenges of the world are opportunities, and the opportunities are challenges. We grasp them with Finnish perseverance (better known as sisu). Not alone, but together with like-minded people. Those who build something new without prejudice.


People and their skills help us to change the world.


This is how we roll


Peopleish way. We dare to be who we are. Personalities with big hearts and curious minds. That is how we make success stories: we go all-in when it comes to building trust and creating deep connections with people.


Open mind. The world is our oyster. We explore it inquisitively and unprejudiced. We build networks around the globe. We meet and greet all the opportunities the world has to offer. Even the smallest ones.


Universal way of thinking. We believe in global mindset. There is an infinite number of stories waiting to be written outside the borders of our beloved motherland. Let´s go!


Frankly speaking: You don’t reach the stars through a company but by putting yourself – in person – out there. That is the stumbling block for us Finns. Or was, if it is up to us. We are here to change that. By being aboveboard and taking your business straight to your clients.


With Finnish sisu (persistence, as mentioned above). Like in life, there are ups and downs in business. Whether you like it or not (been there, done that). We know what it takes to grow. We have all the tools you need on every step of the way to success.


“Comfort zone. Not the place to write a story to be remembered.“

 The most important thing for us is the people inside the company. Not just numbers, money or profit. We invest in people – cool dudes, their talent development and growth stories.

A successful and responsible business is born when people in the company are hale and happy and have room to grow. That´s the philosophy we hold to by being an active companion.

Serious business. Since 1990.

Our History

Prounicon is a company owned by our family. Founded in 1990, just in time to witness the birth of the World Wide Web. Actually, the story begins a lot earlier, dating back to the late 70s.

Pekka, the father of the family, started his career working with pipes n stuff at heating plants and such. First, he took over the Finnish market and got his foot in the door in Scandinavia and the eastern next-door neighbor. As the manager of the workshops in Pieksämäki and Haapavesi, he took charge of developing exports and sales in Russia.

In 1988, Pekka set up his own engineering office, with the focus on foreign trade and the opportunities it had to offer. By that time, he had already created connections almost around the globe, from Europe to India, of course not forgetting Russia. There´s no other globetrotter like Pekka. That is how the company got its official name – Prounicon, a professional and universal company.

Getting back to 1990 – also the birth year of KPA Unicon, the most remarkable investment of our family business. After 20 years of rearing, we had two options: succeed or die trying. Ever since, KPA Unicon has been growing at breakneck speed and the story continues, with Prounicon being the backbone of the growth. Pekka is the frontman, followed by Jukka-Pekka, operational CEO, and Jonna-Maija, the mastermind behind the corporate communications.

Get To Know Us Better

Pekka Kovanen

Jukka-Pekka Kovanen

Jonna Kovanen

Pekka Kovanen

Pekka, a man of thousand stories. A Master of Building Human Relations. Mention a country or continent and he´ll tell you a story or provides you a nexus. Thanks to his inclusive network and practical experience (tai praxis), he if who has an excellent grasp on different branch of business.

jukka-pekka kovanen

If you need to think big, then Juki aka Jukka-Pekka is your man. Big thoughts, big deeds are his middle names, and he works just outside your comfort zone.


Juki´s actions speak louder than his words – he is famous for his knowhow and hands-on experience in growing businesses and strategic leadership. No mission is impossible for him.

Jonna Kovanen

Jonna is good with people. She has an impeccable judgement of character. Public relations are her cup of tea.

She tames the big visions into something touchable. She is the one that turns lead into gold, makes the most out of even the worst ideas. That is why she never says never. She is a game-changer in a world full of players.